Our Staff

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John Gotz: Co-Founder

John is a man’s man, a fearless swashbuckling servant of the King with a Passion for Jesus, and people.  Among his many duties at Kabod International, he is the director of the National Camp ministry, pastor of local church and chaplain to the Belize army.

He started his ministry as a youth pastor/teacher, during which time he saw the youth group grow from 3 to over 100 students meeting weekly. He has a heart for the world and has been ministering overseas for 15 years, first in Albania, then in 2004 felt a special calling to go to Belize where he and his wife Lisa have been ever since.  He is also a gifted speaker and teacher and has been teaching at YWAM since 2010. His success as an effective leader, who leads by example make him a valuable resource and mentor.

During his ministry in Belize, God has shown favor upon John. He is well known throughout the country. Almost everyplace he travels in the country people know, “Pastor John”.  He often travels throughout the country to pray for government officials. He serves as the military Chaplin of the Belize army and holds the rank of Lieutenant. He goes on maneuvers with the men who are comforted by the presence of “Pastor John”. The commanding general has asked Lt. John to disciple every soldier in the country and put a Bible in every hand. The General’s directive is that he wants Jesus to be first in their life. 

John is a man of extreme faith and lives it out daily.  He is a protector of his family and all who are in his charge, a mentor of men and he loves people and wants to see them succeed. He believes in servant leadership and that to be successful you help others be successful. His heart’s desire is to raise up Men of God to build and equip their spiritual faith so that they know who they are in God and can step into their destiny. John believes that when men turn their hearts to God, their families and their country will change.

John is a dynamic communicator and addresses a wide variety of conferences, churches, university and professional gatherings. He will encourage and challenge you to a closer walk with Christ and a deeper commitment to serve the Lord in your community, church, and the world.

Lisa Gotz: Co-Founder

 Lisa Gotz is a woman of God who strives each day to hear God’s voice and speak what He speaks into her.  She is a powerful intercessor that has been passionately serving the people of Belize.  Her passion and prayer are that her love for Jesus, and His word, would be contagious. Her goal is to live out faith in purity and power impacting her world and specifically the beloved country she is ministering. 

Lisa and her husband John are directors of Kabod International which is housed at Machaca Outreach Center. They have lived in Belize for 14 years.  She also leads Prayer & Healing and Prophetic ministry at Boneville Community Church. John, the other member of the dynamic duo, says, “She’s the smartest woman I’ve ever met. She is a great wife and mother, a Lover of the Father. She really is the brains and driving force of the ministry.” She lives a life of vulnerability, passion, and a heart to heart relationship with her Lord.

She is a prayer warrior and desires to communicate God’s love to people. She has regular prayer meetings with the town council once a week. The entire staff comes together to pray, inviting all that come in from the community to join in as they pray needs of their town, families, leaders and nation.  They often ask her and her team to go out with them and pray for sick family members.  Her heart is to go after the impossible with them and see Punta Gorda transformed by the Love of God.  She has spearheaded “Prayer for the Nation” that brings churches together to pray for their family, community and country. She is dedicated to intercede on behalf of the nation of Belize and creating a city of hope in her town of Punta Gorda. 

Lisa models the brilliance of stepping into heavenly authority and partnering with her Lord in truth to bring light into the darkness of this world. Her unashamed love and tenacity has changed countless lives and continue to change cities and nations. 

She is a gifted speaker and loves to minister to women and bring them into the knowledge of Jesus and share how much He loves them. She carries authority, hope, and courage with her wherever she goes. She speaks in churches, schools, conferences and has had a major influence with government leaders in her country. Lisa will encourage and challenge you to a closer walk with Christ and a deeper commitment to serve the Lord in your community, church, and the world.    

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