Our Heart is Family

We’re here to establish, strengthen and restore families. Home is a place of belonging and safety, a place to develop identity and develop confidence.

But for many men, women and children in Belize, home is a dysfunctional, unhappy place. Many know abandonment. They’ve been told they will never amount to anything.

Kabod is about helping men to be fathers God designed them to be. We help women live out their purpose with God’s power and boldness. We help kids understand what home is about- how living as part of God’s eternal family and living for Him in their own family leads to the life they want.

5 Ways We Are About Family

We Model

Our home is open for everyone to see the reality of how a family lives. We welcome people to our table. We let them see the great times and tough times- and how God is real in our home.

We Mentor

We share God’s family life and values informally and intentionally, built on the foundation of prayer.

We Equip

Each of our programs is designed to train and teach men, women and children about family and how they are meant to be part of God’s family.

We Engage

Whether at work or play, the best learning comes by experiencing it in real life settings where we engage together in faith, obedience and prayer.

We Lead

We lead leaders in understanding and applying biblical truth, and multiplying it in the lives of others.