Kingdom Builders!

We know He is raising up an army, lovers of His Presence, who are crazy, bold, tenacious and full of faith to partner with us!  

Will you join us?

He has called us: 

  • To build 
  • To establish
  • To feed
  • To Rescue
  • To raise up sons and daughters who know who they are and Whose they are maturing into spiritual mothers and fathers .

We are called to facilitate healing and restoration to the broken and wounded. To train up Kingdom builders revivalist to transform nations.

There are young men and women, boys and girls that need to be rescued, safe houses to be built,
cabins to build, thousands of kids to feed, a training center hosting Kingdom conferences through out the year developing Kingdom leaders from all over Central and South America.

We are to establish a supernatural school of ministry raising up revivalist, lovers of Jesus operating in the supernatural sharing the gospel, in power and in purity!

He has given us the plans for a City of Hope community park declaring family restored, laughter back around the table a “Creatives” Dream Center with after school programs in the arts, all Kingdom focused!
and more!

We are stepping over the threshold into wide open spaces into a season of building first and foremost people releasing hope that rebuilds ruins and transforms a nation!!

Kingdom builders arise!  Let’s partner with Papa!