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A little over 90 men from The Grove Community Church in Riverside, Ca were just with us…And man, what a week it was! We LOVE hosting the Hands team! This team is full of amazing men of God with unique skills and a heart to serve the people. From building a military chapel to providing medical attention, to praying for people; this team rocked our local community to the core!

The impact of over 90 fathers, 90 sons, 90 husbands, 90 brothers has on a nation is huge. Belize has sometimes been called the “fatherless nation” so when a group of fathers show up - people notice. It is always such an honor to be able to host these wonderful men. The joy of watching a man use his unique skills and gifts to bless those in need is moving. We believe that this team does way more than just build & repair. We know that these men ignite hope. We see them inspire men to walk in a deeper intimacy with God and to lead their families from His Presence. We have watched them lead with integrity and vision for a brighter future for Punta Gorda. We know they carry miracles. 

In other words, the heart of God was seen clearly within the 90 hearts from Riverside, Ca. We are so grateful for all they do. We are also grateful to get to be a part of what they do and to see them serve and bless! We believe that this is only the beginning of seeing men around the world leading as fathers. Fathers who are determined to bring the children of God into HIS LOVE. This is the power of family!

Thank you Hands Team! See you soon!