Camp Mighty

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Moses Changed our Lives!

Four years ago, I heard the words, “He has Down’s syndrome” said about my son just after giving birth. Four years ago, our lives went from simply normal to crazy beautiful. Our son Moses came into our lives like a whirlwind, knocking down every preconceived notion about what our lives were going to be like. It’s kind of like when we give the Holy Spirit permission to move, He breaks down the walls that confine us and reveals wide open spaces. I had no idea the future impact that tiny Moses would have on our family or on the nation of Belize. My world and my heart expanded dramatically that day, and we will never be the same.



It was for years ago that my mom looked at another mom with a special needs daughter and said, “We should have a summer camp for people with special needs!” With that one sentence Camp Mighty was born. While it was only named that last year, we have hosted camps for children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities since 2014. It was my favorite time of the year. I know that it always turns out to be our summer staff’s favorite as well. While special needs is usually not a talked about subject here, sometimes new counselors will be a little nervous about being a buddy at Camp Mighty. However, by the end they too see the beauty in these individuals and feel an empowerment within themselves to bring change and be kind. Again, a lot like the Holy Spirit.

    If you don’t know what Camp Mighty is, let me explain. Camp Mighty is a three day summer camp, that is designed for families who are blessed with the gift of a special needs child/adult. From pool parties to learning cooking skills, each day is jam packed with fun. Most of our activities are geared toward learning and growing their abilities and skills but always with a fun twist. Each camper gets a buddy that spends the entire three days with them, a bond that  can’t be broken. Mom’s and siblings also get buddies and get their own special activities as well. Our goal for Camp Mighty is to create Disneyland for these families and I think we come pretty close! We pray that when they leave, each family member feels blessed beyond measure, and that they know the love of Jesus and the love he has for their amazing child!

    On March 21st, we get to celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day! It is celebrated this day because babies with Down’s syndrome are born with 3 of their 21st chromosomes (just one extra chromosome to love)! Help us celebrate the amazing people around the world with Down’s syndrome, help us celebrate Moses!

 Help us by praying over this year’s Camp Mighty! We are hoping for more kids and adults to join us this year from all over Belize for all the fun. Pray for families to get time off from work, ways to travel, and to remove all the fear or nervousness of trying something new! 

    Also, we would love for you to partner with us to see Camp Mighty fully funded and able to bless these awesome individuals beyond measure! Each year, everyone who comes to Camp Mighty gets a new T-shirt, a backpack with school supplies, and some other small goodies. This year we want to bless their socks off, we want Mom’s who come going home with SWAG bags full of goodies. We would love to send families home with educational resources and more. It takes only $3500 to fully fund Camp Mighty. Just click on the link to GIVE, once there, select Camp Sponsorship: Camp Mighty! Help us achieve our goal this month. Your gift will touch the child, their family, and a nation with the love of Jesus!

    Thank you for all your prayers and support throughout this journey,

    Mercedes Lambey


Prayer Requests

  • Begin praying for each Mighty Camper TODAY! Pray that they will come and be loved on and touched. 
  • The summer team and staff that God has coming...whoever that may be!
  • Full funding for Camp Mighty.