110 Stunning Women came for the Great Exchange Women's Conference

WOW no words to express all the Lord did this weekend at the Great Exchange Women's Conference! We had about 110 STUNNING women who came representing 23 different churches from throughout our nation and other nations! As we journeyed through Isaiah 61 with the Lord, He truly brought forth BEAUTY for ASHES, THE OIL OF JOY for MOURNING and YES HE gave us a GARMENT OF PRAISE for HEAVINESS! We found ourselves surrounded by Him, heavy burdened hearts were healed, joy was restored, and we learned how to fight our battles, as He set a table in the midst of our enemies we learned to feast with Him, the Anointed One who is Perfect Peace and it is here at this table He taught us how to fight our battles in the midst of all the chaos and brokenness and darkness around us, giving us powerful weapons of warfare like Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, laughter, His Word and prayer....all Presence focused instead of enemy focused which freaks out the enemy as he realizes he has lost ground and his fear tactics have no hold! He also revealed the ABUNDANCE that is available to us at His table, and how we need to be tapped into Him as our source to enter into His fullness and experience OVERFLOW!! So that others can know, see and taste the goodness and glory of our God! 

The Lord gave them the GREATEST EXCHANGE of all....HIM! They encountered His great love and intimacy, His grace His joy and His peace, HIS PRESENCE...Simply JESUS! many walked away saying I will never be the same now that I have encountered HIM!!! Praise you Jesus!! Its the planting of the Lord that they would become OAKS of RIGHTEOUSNESS displaying His Glory!! They will rebuild the ruin cities!!!!!

Thank you for all who made this possible whether by sponsoring a lady, inviting one, helping set up, serve, decorate, dance, sing, pray, teach and or minister...we are forever thankful for your obedient hearts! May God bless you 100 fold!

PARTNER WITH US as we continue to minister through out the year in helping establish, restore and strengthen FAMILIES throughout the nation of Belize! Will you be ONE of the 2,000 to partner with us monthly? Together we can see FAMILY restored & strengthened in Belize!