Machaca Summer Camps: Camp Mighty and Sr. High

Hello from Machaca! 

We are two weeks into our yearly summer camps! For us, summer camps are anticipated and prayed over months in advance. The amount of prayers, planning and prep are extreme and we are always expectant of what the Lord will accomplish in each camper's life. 

This year, Mercedes took on her third year of directing camps. To see her boldly step into this role and be willing and open for whatever the Lord has is inspiring. It has been evident the last two weeks that her obedience to Papa is causing campers to flourish and step into what He has for them! 


Our Camp Mighty campers arrived the last week of June. They were greeted by some of our amazing summer staff and quickly brought in to transform their identity to super heroes! Each camper was assigned a buddy who was their pal the entire camp. We were joined by a team from Shelter Cove in Northern California. These guys rocked camp prep and special needs. We were so blessed to have David Wood back in the jungle with us and for him to share the love of Belize with his team! 


While our Mighty Campers were being loved on, we were able to bless their families with a little bit of rest. Mamas were able to enjoy Lime Fizz drinks and some needlepoint. The campers enjoyed baking cookies with Chef John, transforming into super heroes, and jet setting for a luau and safari. This camp is a great way to kick off the summer and we enjoyed each camper and their families!




After Special Needs, we began gearing up for our next two camps. This year, as Mercedes prayed through the theme for camp, she really desired to allow each camper to Dream, Risk and Create! We asked various leaders in creative arts to come teach workshops to campers. We had Journalism, Dance, Creative Writing, Photography and Songwriting! We structured Sr. High camp with more free time for campers to just enjoy being loved on and having no real worries. There was plenty of time for fellowship, games and just enjoying Machaca. Besides free time, other added aspects of camp really created an environment for the campers to unwind and open up to staff. We did two mornings were staff went into each circle and cooked breakfast and just loved on the campers. John and Lisa took one morning and loved on the kids like each was their own and gave fatherly and motherly love and advice. 

Wow did the campers step into their workshops well! The Lord knew the perfect number for each group and the talents were so evident. The last night was spent showcasing their work. To see the pride and value each camper felt was amazing. The excitement, joy and laughter filled the room. It was such a good time to pour into them and show them the value Papa has in their lives. Each camper left with a new or expanded skill as well as a great amount of memories and new friendships. 

Please be praying for each camper as they head home that they will remember all Papa shared with them this week and not lose heart. That they will remember they are His and that He created them as His masterpiece! We know they will be used to impact their communities in beautiful ways! 

We are so excited to enter into the next three weeks of camp! We thank you for your continued prayers, support, love and interceding for each one of these kids. The Lord has used you to sponsor around 400 kids. We are still needing to sponsor 200 to reach our goal. Will you partner with us in praying for this? We love you all and can't wait to share the 13-15 year old camp with you! 


Kabod Intl Staff!