Time to Fly

It's time to fly!!!

I've started this email over a dozen times. The excitement, newness and uncertainty of the unknown make it unsure of where to begin! 

14 years ago, if God had told John and I what He had planned in this next phase, well I'd be floored and call Him crazy. It had taken a lifetime of Him working on our hearts, our children's hearts, our prayer warriors and financial supporters hearts to get us to this exact moment. 

There is a reason He is equated to a bird so many times in Scripture. He spends lifetimes caring for us, keeping us under His wings in times of refuge, sustaining us with nutrients and goodness from His words, and pouring His everything into us so we can glorify Him in what He asks of us. 

In 2004, He started our chapter in Belize under the covering of Calvary Murrieta. It has been so good! Brian Bell and the entire staff and board entrusted this property to us to partner with them in caring for and loving God's children of Belize. Throughout the last 14 years I can confidently shout God's outpouring from the partnership with Calvary. We love the Calvary family and the seeds they've helped sow, water, reap and savor in the country of Belize!

We are entering a new and exciting chapter though! A new season to rejoice in! A new journey, a new area of His heart, He is doing a new thing and He has asked us to join Him...He is saying to us...It's time to FLY!  Calvary Murrieta will be releasing Machaca and we will be becoming our own entity. 

Wow! This is big! God how gracious are You to ask us, Machaca staff and supporters to hold Your hand as we travel this new unknown together. I think of a baby bird getting ready to leave the nest. The unsureness of the unknown, but the encouraging looks from his mama. She knows that he is ready to SOAR and become his own in new ways. Friends, it's time to fly fully into what God has for this ministry. As we prayed we heard the Lord say "Do Not be afraid, I am your covering, I will sustain you through it all"  Its time to trust, dream, and hope at the level of His faithfulness and SOAR!  Oh what a beautiful journey lies ahead!

As we met with the Attorney for the new Non-Profit she said we need to come up with a name that would cover all the various mininstries...especially now cause we see it going global and not just in the nation of Belize.  As we prayed the Lord gave us "Kabod International" Its the hebrew word for God's Glory.   kä·vōde'  its the weight, the covering, the glory, the manifest presence of Yahweh... The three word definition for it is "Glory, Honor, Abundance"  You can't get any broader than the Glory of God!  What a covering!  His Kabod!  Cover us Papa cover us!  Our heart is that the whole earth would be filled with His glory!  That in all that we do we would reflect, glorify, honor and make Him known! That as we partner with Him, His Kingdom would be expanded and people, nations would encounter the Living God,Yahweh, His visible splendor and majesty & be forever changed, from glory to glory!

Over the years the ministry has grown from discipleship and youth development, to a church plant, an outreach cafe, market place ministry hotel, chaplaincy in the Belize military, nation wide prayer ministry, partnering with those in the fight against human trafficking, community outreach, to discipling a nation working along side those in government, also cross cultural training, food to the nations ministry, leadership development etc.  The crazy thing is we feel like the Lord is saying this is only the beginning!!  Asking us to trust and dream BIG with Him for the nations!!!  Kabod will be the covering for all these ministries!

The new season of Kabod is an exciting one and we are prepping for the showers of His faithfulness and goodness He will pour out on His children of Belize. The field is plowed and ready to plant! We are praying to impact the NATION of Belize that will overflow into the world! 

We don't know all that He has planned for Kabod but we and the Machaca staff are ready and willing. We are ready to pour out on His nation and declare it for Him. We are ready to invest in children who will impact their children's children. We are ready to plant trees in whose shade we will not sit so only God can receive glory and praise. Will you join? Will you pray about what piece of this journey God wants you part of? Will you look into His freshly plowed field and shout, Yes! I will plant these seeds and invest my efforts to see God glorified in future generations. 

If you would like to sow into Kabod International, partnering with us to transform nations and make Him known you can donate online one time or reoccurring at:


Mobile Give simply text the word:

"KABOD" to 77977

We love you all and thank God for bring our lives together with you to partner with over the years. Whether we met last week or you've watched our kids grow, you are family and we are excited to partner with you in this new journey.