O Come and Behold Him


"O Come All Ye Faithful" is most definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs. In the last two years, I would probably even say that it was constant battle for first with "Mary Did You Know".

For me, when I worship the Lord I really try to pay attention and know what I am singing instead of just singing because it’s a good song, it’s the hit song for that period, or it’s the season for that song. Oh come let us adore Him for me should be sung year round, because we should constantly be going to adore Him in all that we do. Through each season we should be in constant adoration for who He is and what He has done for us, even through the seasons we run into and end up having to army crawl out of because that season just drained the heck out of us. But you know what! He was good through it all! Let us joyfully and triumphantly come and adore Him!

Recently through the different seasons we have been in, I had to remind myself that Jesus is good, NO MATTER WHAT! And I’ve had to purpose myself to find Him, find the good in every situation and season and pour my adoration toward him in those seasons. And good golly miss Molly some seasons or situations are easier to find the good and are a lot easier to come and adore Him. But those moments, the seasons where it takes everything you have to choose to purpose to come and adore Him because that’s all you’ve got. I now in those moments just start to sing out to Him. "Ok Jesus, I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know You are good, and You will never fail me, I’m trusting You."

So I challenge you to, in what ever season you are in, come and adore Him. Openly declare His goodness, knowing and believing that He will never leave you nor fail you. Come and adore Him in this Christmas season and through all the seasons as they may change.


- Katarina Polonio