A Beacon of Light


I have felt for some time the Lord has called us (Belize) to be a lighthouse to the nations; that the Sea Front Inn and Boneville Community Church and Cafe are called to be a lighthouse to our nation. In prayer and worship this last week, I found myself asking for Him to light the lighthouse, infusing His sons and daughters with His light, so beautiful, so bright, bringing light, truth and hope to the nations.  I actually saw a picture of a beautiful lighthouse being lit and the most brilliant light bursting forth over our land dispelling darkness.

Then this morning, as I was reading through Acts 13, I was so encouraged as revival broke out. Paul and Barnabus would not back down but, filled with courage, they boldly spoke truth that many believed in Jesus—set free!!  Then nearly EVERYONE IN THE CITY, the HUNGRY, came to hear the Word of God wanting to hear more of His Grace!  God’s Word spread like wildfire!  And they left the new believers overflowing with the Joy of the Holy Spirit!

Oh Lord may this be said of us!  May we refuse to back down,  may we be in tune with Your Spirit, in what You are doing that when you perform mighty deeds among us, we recognize and believe You did it!  May we be the ones hungry for more understanding of Your grace celebrating eternal life and freedom, and let us not be like the religious leaders filled with vicious jealously, opposing what You are doing amongst us!  Let us be a lighthouse to the nation that everywhere we go His Word spreads like wildfire and we leave many new believers overflowing with the Joy of the Holy Spirit!!!!!!

Come Jesus!

Come Papa!

Come Holy Spirit!

Light the Lighthouse!

Infuse your sons and daughters with Your Light!

In Jesus Precious Name!


Acts: 13:38-41

So listen, friends!  Through this Jesus, the forgiveness of sins is offered to you.  Everyone who believes in Him is set free from sin and guilt—something the law of Moses had no power to do.  So be very careful that what the prophets warned about does not happen to you:

    “Be amazed and in agony, you scoffers!

    For in your day I will do something so wonderful

    that when I perform mighty deeds among you

    you won’t even believe that it was I who did it!”

after this many of of the people pleaded for them to come back the next week and share more on God’s GRACE!

Acts 13:44-52

“The following week, nearly everyone in the city gathered (WOW!!) to hear the Word of God.  When the Jewish leaders saw the size of the crowds, vicious jealously filled their hearts and they rose up to oppose what Paul was teaching. They insulted him and argued with Him over everything he said.

Yet Paul and Barnabus did not back down.  Filled with courage, they boldly replied, “We were compelled to bring God’s message’ first to you Jews.  But seeing you’ve rejected this message and refuse to embrace eternal life, we will focus instead on the nations and offer it to them.  This will fulfill what the Lord has commanded us:

    ‘I have destined you to become

    a beacon light for the nations

    and release salvation to the ends of the earth

When the non-Jewish people in the crowd heard these words, they were thrilled and they honored the word of the Lord.  All who believed that they were destined to experience eternal life received the message.  God’s word spread like wildfire throughout the entire region.

The Jewish leaders stirred up a violent mob against Paul and Barnabas including many prominent and wealthy people of the city.  They persecuted them and ran them out of town.  As they left they shook the dust off their feet as a sign of protest against them, and they went on the city of the Iconic.  They left the new converts in Antioch overflowing with the joy of the Holy Spirit.”

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- Lisa Gotz