CHANGING A NATION

Band of Brothers    Boot Camp


at Machaca Outreach Center

Cost $150 BZD/$75 USD

(Includes Room/Board, T-shirt, books, water bottle, dog tags & more!)

Registration Opens Soon!


Calling the men of our nation!

The bootcamps are inspired by the book "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. The retreat is hosted in a setting of beauty and adventure, and includes teaching sessions, films, guided period of reflection, and journaling. We have designed something far more than a retreat - it's an expedition of the heart. The men attending will never be the same. Pray with us for the men of our nation! That God reveal the love of the Father, that the men would be forever changed by Him! 



"I came home forever changed! Not sure words could be put to describe the heart encounter I had with the Father...after years of dealing with feeling abandoned from my earthly father, beaten by my step father, putting up walls of self defense and acting out in anger and rage most of my life as a form of self preservation not allowing anyone to get closer to me. To my years of serving the Lord, realizing I was trying to earn God's love and or man's approval. Papa God wrecked me with His unfailing love, revealing my rightful place on the lap of Jesus at the right hand of the Father as a son, no longer an orphan trying to earn my way in! It is from this place, as a son, that I am learning to operate from now. From love, instead of trying to earn love. It was a weekend where men could be real, raw and honest with their struggles, insecurities, failures, etc. opening their hearts to the One who could speak truth, healing, restoration. It was an encounter with Truth! An encounter with the Father! Deep wounds healed, lies of the enemy exposed, true repentance, captives set free. Husbands, fathers, sons, forever changed and instilled with a deep hunger for His Word and His Presence! I have never been so secure in who He is, who my Abba is. I am a son loved by the Father and now I am living out a grand adventure from this place of perfect love!" ---John

"I want to share with you what the Lord did for me in the Band of Brothers. First of all, He got me out of my comfort zone and building relationships with other guys around me who are still to this day a support for me. The coolest part that God did for me was the He met me where I was at. In my hurts and struggles, about life, my wife, being a friend, a dad, a mentor and hot to love and forgive others that have hurt me. The experience I received in the camp is FREEDOM. A freedom that only God Himself can give you, not the world or other people, but God Himself meeting you at this place. He opens your hurts and wounds and at the same time shows you how much He loves you. So I encourage you, men to stand up and let's make a difference in our community and home! Let us show our fellow Belizean men how we as men can make a difference in living free of our burdens because of our Savior Jesus!" ---Israel